The inside of the blue ball

MethodCoupe sphere initiale


1. Water Inlet at V Speed

2. Detent.Speed Drop V

3. Passage through a first catalytic mass composed of emulsion volcanic rocks ( permanent movement)

4. Circulation in a second catalytic mass, also composed of volcanic rocks.

5. Transition to a third catalytic mass composed of special emulsion activated carbon.

6. Detent Further drop in velocity V, release of suspended gases to the gas stack.

7. Venting of gas through the gas stack.

8. Flow of water through the dome ( V = V/52.5)


The limestone in your plant is calcite that easily clings to the pipes and causes the problem of limestone that we know.

The Cristalinn transforms calcite into aragonite and therefore, he no longer knows how to fix himself in the pipes, ...

This aragonite can even cause agglomerated calcites in the pipes, which cleans your plant, over time.

However, this process works in pipes and pressure vessels of at least 2 bar.

testtest (6.46 Mo)


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