Natural and ecological water treatment Natural and ecological water treatment

The technical developments

As we have already explained, the Cristalinn was initially in the form of pots and a square protective hood.

In 2001, we preferred to change the shape because it seemed important to us to represent the blue ball, our beautiful planet. This is why we invented the blue spherical form (initially white due to the cost of production), to create surprise but especially to stand out from other water treatments.

Over the years, we have made improvements to this form:

The Blue hood presented in Paris in 2001

The first version of Cristalinn in round form, was actually an aesthetic hood, which hid a black ball with 12 bolts, but we encountered sealing concerns

Ball White Under Hood Blue

As with the black ball under the blue hood, we did not find the sealing, we left on another material, always food, with a V-clamp type flange, but eventually we did not find the sealing either.

We then changed the material of the white ball by a clear blue ball, reinforced by "meridians" and we tested our special material, to "glue" this ball. 

As a reminder, this collage material, was created with the help, of engineer chemist. 

We have achieved a long-term seal of 6 bar ( air)

The Blue Ball without Bisphenol, reinforced


In 2016, as bisphenol is banned, we need to change the blue ball material, which contained 0.01% Bisphenol.

This blue ball is the last, it is reinforced by the "meridians" and holds the seal at 8 bar ( air), 6 bar ( water).

improvements for the comfort of the customer.

Initially, the By-pass isolation valves were with handle-less valves, so a screwdriver was needed to close them.

We changed these valves, by joystick valves with handles, so that the customer can, without tools, quickly close these valves.

In the course of 2020, we are replacing these valves with long handles for everyone’s convenience.

We have added to the original By-pass, a safety valve, a ram shock absorber, to protect your facility and your Cristalinn from the city water pressure.

The fixing system will also be changed during 2020.

Last edited: 21/11/2023