Natural and ecological water treatment Natural and ecological water treatment

The limestone

The Cristalinn, the blue ball, does not remove the limestone from your water, it transforms it:

The Blue ball transforms calcite into aragonite and therefore, the "good" limestone can no longer be fixed in the pipes. As the scale no longer binds, there is no longer any clogged piping, but we go even further, the aragonite, does a cleaning job in your plant, and with it, drives the agglutinated tartar into the pipes.

We must not forget that calcium is important for the body, the skin, the hair, and that is why Cristalinn leaves the calcium in the form of aragonite. 

Cristalinn does not remove limestone from water: 

It is quite normal to see a white film appear in your pot after boiling water.
 You must clean the frothing from your faucets because the limestone no longer approaches the pipes, but it is still present.
In non-pressure equipment, the limestone continues to attach, but less easily.
Your old boiler will clean itself slowly, but if it is too scaly, Cristalinn will not save it .

Warning: The process is natural and therefore, the cleaning is done gradually.

This device is not a miracle product!

For users who prefer to have no more limestone at all, we propose the placement of a filter.

With Cristalinn, limestone no longer attaches to pipes

By its process combining volcanic rocks, activated charcoal in a degassing dome, Cristalinn transforms calcite ( catchy limestone) and aragonite ( non-catchy limestone), which means that : 

- Your heating and sanitary system is protected against snazzy limestone as long as there are at least 2 bars.
- The limestone no longer clings, and it carries with it a part of the limestone that is attached to your facility. Your facility is being cleaned as   you go.
- Your electricity is less victim of limestone, you will keep it longer.
- The round water doesn’t attack the skin or the hair, you have to put on less shampoo, less soap.

The experience of Cristalinn has shown that it is easy to reduce dishwasher soap, washing machine soap, etc.

Calcite aragonite

Last edited: 19/04/2023