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The limestone in your plant is calcite that easily clings to the pipes and causes the problem of limestone that we know.

The Cristalinn transforms calcite into aragonite and therefore, he no longer knows how to fix himself in the pipes, ...

This aragonite can even cause agglomerated calcites in the pipes, which cleans your plant, over time.

However, this process works in pipes and pressure vessels of at least 2 bar.

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What Wikipedia says

Softener by filtration and crystallization
A salt-free water softener by filtration and crystallization works without adding any product to the water. This process makes it possible to transform calcium from the calcite stage into aragonite, by passing water under pressure into volcanic rock and activated charcoal. This process allows a degassing of the water by removing the CO222, which is the element necessary for the formation of tartar. Aragonite is composed of calcium carbonate crystals of regular geometric shape (needles for example), with a low hanging power. This principle therefore acts on the geometric form of crystallization and ensures a lesser adhesion. Indeed, the elements of calcite transformed into aragonite become entangled and form a larger block.

This is why pipes and household appliances no longer have a scale problem. Aragonite is in a form of limestone that can be assimilated by humans [ref. necessary]. This process, called soft softening, does not distort the water, without adding a chemical compound and allows to obtain an excellent water to drink, free from bad tastes.

The hot water circuits equipped with these devices will contain the aragonite blocks which, driven into the water distribution circuit, will tend to settle in the water heaters and low points of the installation. At these sites a drain is often provided to ensure the removal of blocks, also called limestone sludge. The frequency of cleaning (purging) depends on the hardness of the treated water23 and the volume of water used.

This system requires neither electricity nor CO2 to operate, and does not discharge water like salt softeners. It is still necessary to change the entire filter composed of volcanic rock and activated charcoal regularly to ensure sufficient transformation and avoid contamination of the water by sediments deposited in the filtere24. The efficiency of the filter and therefore of the treatment is difficult to measure. The measurement of efficiency must be done by a water analysis laboratory.



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