Natural and ecological water treatment Natural and ecological water treatment

Protect skin and health

Cristalinn protects your skin

Bebe bain

Cristalinn is a natural product, composed of volcanic rocks, activated carbon, which transforms calcite (catchy limestone) into aragonite (not catchy limestone), removes heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, etc.

The water passed through Cristalinn is less irritating, more “round”, and so skin problems are really improved, people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, feel relieved of their ailments.

The hair is less dry, less irritated and much more shiny.

and your health

However, tap water is not necessarily healthy, there are pesticides, heavy metals, chlorine... and these can cause health problems: "In humans, they can affect the nervous system, kidney, liver, respiratory functions. Some, such as cadmium, arsenic, nickel and chromium are carcinogenic" explains the Ministry of Ecology. Read the article

The Cristalinn purifies water, removing heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine, while preserving its mineral salts and bringing it a good taste of spring water, but the Cristalinn water transforms the limestone into aragonite, a mineral composed of calcium and magnesium which can be assimilated by our body.

Cristalinn is good for your health!


Last edited: 16/11/2022