Natural and ecological water treatment Natural and ecological water treatment

Consume less

One step for the planet…

In recent times, every citizen is deeply concerned about ecology, but also about his monthly budget.

Ecological problems are becoming an important part of our daily lives and everyone is realizing that we must protect our planet. We all have to make a gesture for our beautiful planet earth.

Plastic bottles are a real ecological concern, because there is really no solution for recycling.

All the major environmentalists strongly advise us to reduce the consumption of these plastic bottles.

Pollution maison

...and for the portfolio

It is a fact to realize that we must pollute less, but in practice, we are all thinking of our own portfolio.

The financial impact on a family or couple is important in our daily lives; we often hear, “Yes, but how much it will cost me!” , which is quite normal, since we all want to consume better, pollute less but not at the risk of financial losses.


This is where Cristalinn can help you

Indeed, Cristalinn makes your water taste good by its unique process, but it also removes heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine taste (in large quantities), and so you can, now consume tap water.

No more water packs to carry around when they’re heavy but also expensive.

Bouteille d eau 1

We must also think of the small gestures of everyday life

In Cristalinn, calcite ( limestone) is transformed into aragonite (non-attractive limestone), which means that:

Your heating and sanitary system is protected against snazzy limestone as long as there are at least 2 bars.
The limestone no longer clings, and it carries with it a part of the limestone that is attached to your facility. Your facility is being cleaned as you go.
Your electric household is less victim of limestone, you will keep it longer.
The round water doesn’t attack the skin or the hair, you have to put on less shampoo, less soap.
The experience of Cristalinn has shown that it is easy to reduce dishwasher soap, washing machine soap, etc.
Warning: This device is not a miracle product! 


Last edited: 25/09/2023