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As you know, I made an open door on 12-13 September 2003 where I presented your product Cristalinn (I chose this product to fight against tartar and because it is 100% natural). Since then, I’ve installed it for personal consumption.

I want to tell you that I have 3 children (9, 5 and 3 years old) and that they have always had skin problems (dry skin with eczema). I do not entrust you with my monthly budget for specific creams and soaps (purchased from pharmacies) for this problem. Since the installation of the Christalinn system, I haven’t taken out a single tube of cream after the shower. Because the improvement is very clear, both on the dryness of the skin and on the redness. I can even tell you that Thibaut (5 years old) cried almost every day after the shower because he said that it stung him everywhere. Since 1 week, no complaints!

We halved the amount of product for the dishwasher and lowered the washing temperature for the same result.

In thanking you, please accept Sir, the expression of my distinguished sentiments.

Mr Pierard, Member of the Commission,

I would like to thank you for installing the Cristalinn system in my home.

In addition to the benefits announced (regaining the pleasure of drinking tap water, softer linens, improved pipes,...), I could see on myself and my 2 children, that after a few weeks of baths and showers with water treated by the Cristalinn system, our eczema had completely disappeared.

Skin diseases are always very unpleasant and eczema attacks in particular, I have suffered from them since my childhood, and it is now a great pleasure to see them disappear, via Cristalinn...

When I think about it, I find it rather logical, since the water treated with Cristalinn regains an ordered structure, more "round", and hence softer for the skin, or even healing virtues.

In thanking you, please accept, Mr PIERARD, the expression of my distinguished greetings.


I hereby confirm the order of a catalytic mass for my CRISTALINN installation.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my complete satisfaction with your product, which enables us to obtain high-quality, limestone-free water while avoiding the introduction of sodium in our various pharmaceutical solutions.

Phew, finally, the return of the pure, creamy blue water of Cristalinn System!

Having been deprived of it for a week reminded us how different the water not energized by Cristalinn is. It is sometimes necessary as you get used to your comfort. You should not get used to this pleasure.

But, fortunately, we found today with joy (and with the new friendly, original, energizing and catchy "blue ball") the soft water for the skin, the one that "does not hurt" in the shower, the one that reveals the perfumes of bath oils and the aromas of tea and coffee, the one that made me (and our family), at almost 50 years old, an inveterate drinker...of city water, but "Cristalinnée".

Reviews of Cristalinn

I’m here to contribute. 

At the time, I was looking for a system that neutralizes tartar, but also filters water.  
I lived a long time in editing, and I wanted quality water at home. To me, that meant having chlorine-free water, pesticide-free water, heavy metal-free water.  
I researched the various existing systems (system under the sink or for the whole house) and finally opted for the Cristalinn.  

I have now been using a Cristalinn salt-free softener for several years.  
I was a distrustful at first, I watched my installation, I tasted the water by doing blind tests. And then I looked at my toilets and I could see that I could clean them 10 times faster than before, without having to rub with anti-limestone products. In reality, tartar is transformed into aragonite, which is made up of a much finer particle than limestone. And the Aragonite has the advantage of not hanging on. As a result, there is always a white powder in the water, but all it takes is a touch of cloth to remove it from the water glasses or the bathroom. 

In short, I am convinced that it works well and I take great pleasure in drinking the water from my home. Instead of buying bottles, I always leave the house with a canteen. 
I personally do not have the experience of a salt softener, so I cannot compare, but I have the experience of an installation without softener and with the Cristalinn softener. 
Hoping it might help someone...


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