Natural and ecological water treatment Natural and ecological water treatment

find the good taste of water

Turn on the water tap and get a glass of water, what could be more natural?


Eau du robinet

Unfortunately, in our industrialized countries, piped water is no longer at all pleasant to drink, because it contains chlorine but also pesticides, heavy metals, dry residues, etc.

Many of us prefer plastic bottled water, but do you know that bottled water contains plastic residues, endocrine disrupters or even antimony!

It should also be noted that water protected by a water softener is not consumable because of the large amount of sodium that causes cardiovascular disease.

Cristalinn removes from tap water, heavy metals, pesticides, chlorine taste (largely), but keeps all mineral salts.

In a world where ecology is important, we must not forget the impact of plastic bottles on our oceans.

Plastique ocean

In Belgium, the consumption of bottled water per person, annually, is 131.7 Litres! This is huge in terms of the cost of plastic bottles but also in terms of the waste left in our environment.

With the Cristalinn, save more or less 1200 €/annually by consuming a very good tap water, and by eliminating the water bottles!

A pleasant water to drink, but also, pleasant to cook, you find the true taste of food.

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Last edited: 05/02/2023