Natural and ecological water treatment Natural and ecological water treatment



Cristalinn System

water softener

Provides drinking water only, requires an additional faucet on your sink.

Protects the entire home

For the whole home


Placed under the sink, relatively bulky under the sink, connects to a water outlet

Takes up little space.

Takes up a lot of space and must be connected to a water drain. It is also necessary to provide a storage place for the salt.

Water loses its nutritional value as well as useful carbons

Transforms calcite into Aragonite (less aggressive limestone)

Removes calcium and magnesium.

95% demineralized water. The water is "dead".

Water retains all of its minerals.

The water is rich in sodium, so do not drink the water softener

Scale reduces the lifespan of devices because the installation is not completely treated

The water is degassed, therefore less acidic, and your installation will be protected for longer

Water laden with salt becomes corrosive, which ultimately becomes a risk to your devices.


Water is unpleasant for many people, its taste is close to demineralized water and no longer provides any mineral salts


The water becomes pleasant to drink and retains its mineral salts.

Softener water cannot be drunk (bad for your health). In Belgium, the BBRI strongly recommends installing a pipe directly to the sink, not going through the water softener.

The chlorine is removed, but it remains present at all the other water points in your home.

The chlorine is blocked and evaporated. Chlorine no longer attacks your skin and hair.

Water containing sodium is not good for the skin and hair.

Removes pesticides and heavy metals

Pesticides and heavy metals are blocked by charcoal.

Chlorine, pesticides and heavy metals remain in the water.

No protection of your installation, your household appliances will deteriorate.

Cristalinn naturally cleans your pipes but respects the environment

Softened water is aggressive, it attacks old pipes.

Maintenance cost: Changing the cartridge of your osmosis system according to your consumption

Maintenance cost: € 325 excluding VAT every 120 m³ (every year for a family, and every 2 years for a couple)

Maintenance cost: Water to regenerate, electricity, maintenance by a licensed plumber.


Last edited: 08/09/2022