Natural and ecological water treatment Natural and ecological water treatment

from the basic square to the blue ball

from the basic square to the blue ball

Faced with the growing number of problems in heating and sanitary installations (mud, limestone, corrosion,...), Mr PIERARD begins to look for a product or appliance that is really effective.

Several products have been tested by the PIERARD energy efficiency, but it was in 1989 that Gérard Pierard decided to make a mixture of several products to create the first version, in pot, of Cristalinn.

In 1996, Mr PIERARD created the Cristalinn System, in its first version: Pots and hood, in order to stand out from the filter products of the time.

first version

Capot cristalinn

Make a blue ball that represents the Earth and that would distinguish the Cristalinn, from other water treatments.

This dream came true in 2001, in the form of a blue hood. The Cristalinn System Dynamic was presented at the Batimat Salon in Paris.

Cristalinn marked the memories by his shape and color, this was the expected effect.

Then the hood was transformed to create the spherical shape with the degassing and the speed of the water which makes the good taste to the water.

This form was copied in 2016, which proves that Mr PIERARD was a pioneer in the field of water.


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